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FreeLogoServices Review

In a Nutshell

You can choose from thousands of logos with FreeLogoService’s easy-to-use and efficient service. This intuitive logo design service provides you with thousands of logos and is ideal for small businesses seeking to kick-start their branding efforts. Users can quickly design and customize their logos to produce unique and memorable icons for their business.


  • Design a logo in less than 5 minutes
  • Choose from thousands of available logo designs
  • Edit any logo you choose
  • Possible to claim a free domain for your business


  • The editor has limited features
  • Logos can be expensive
  • No subscription option (Not possible to re – edit/ tweak your logo later)
  • No complementing tools such as a branding guide or social media planning

Is FreeLogoServices Worth the Price?

FreeLogoServices is a valuable logo design tool if you’re looking to commence your small business’ branding efforts. The company provides thousands of design options for users as well as an easy-to-use editor that helps you fine-tune and customize your logo before finalizing it. Once you’re finished, you’ll need to pay $39.95 to access the file and apply it to your relevant marketing and business materials.

While the price may seem slightly steep, the company’s logo designer offers a quick and effective solution if you require a logo in a hurry. You can even see how your logo would appear on different media including business cards, shirts, and more.

Creating a Logo With FreeLogoServices

The first step towards generating your logo with the help of FreeLogoServicesbegins by inputting some basic details about your business. This includes questions about your industry, specific logo styles, fonts, and designs you would like, as well as your company name and a tagline. Once you’re ready, FreeLogoServices will return thousands of options that you can narrow down by selecting different styles, design varieties, or by searching for particular elements.

After you’ve selected your preferred logo, you’ll have a chance to fine tune it in the editor. Here you can change the colors of each part of your logo as well as move and resize each component. You can also switch fonts and adjust the font size to make it more unique. Once you finalize your design, you proceed to checkout to unlock access to your new logo. FreeLogoServices also offers business card design when you complete your logo though this service is priced separately. However, once you finalize the design and pay for your logo, it is saved in your account, meaning you can eventually apply it to a variety of other materials, which you can even order them directly from the company.

Additional Services

When you’ve completed your logo, FreeLogoServicesdelivers a few additional tools that help you optimize your branding efforts. This includes a business card designer and a website domain (as well as a customizable website), and even the opportunity to purchase marketing materials such as shirts, pens, lawn signs, hats, and more. Overall, FreeLogoServices presents a positive direction for you to expand your visibility while taking advantage of your new logo for marketing and branding purposes.

Customer Support

If you need support or encounter any questions about the company’s products, FreeLogoServiceshosts an extensive FAQ and valuable knowledge base. This includes answers about pricing, tools, as well as the company’s return and modification policies. If you are unable to find your answer posted in the FAQ, the company also supplies a request form where you can ask specific questions about the service or report your experience.

The addition of a customer support phone number would be appreciated, but overall,FreeLogoServices’ knowledge base is comprehensive enough to answer most of your common questions and support needs.

Returns and Revisions

If you’re not totally satisfied with your FreeLogoServices design after you’ve completed the process, you can store it in your account five days and edit it at any time for free. After that, you’ll be required to pay to make any more changes. Once you’ve purchased a new logo, you can make one additional change free of charge by contacting FreeLogoService directly with a description of the desired adjustment. If you’re still unsatisfied with your purchased logo after taking these steps, you can request a full refund from the company.


FreeLogoServices gives you a quick, easy, and effective logo design tool on-demand. With an intuitive editor and thousands of logo options available to choose from, you can generate a unique and impactful design for your business. The company’s other great services also add value and help jumpstart your branding efforts.

Interested in working with FreeLogoServices?

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