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LogoMaker Review

In a Nutshell

LogoMaker is a straightforward, classic logo creation service that offers its entire array of tools for free upfront, with payment only when you arrive at your ideal design. Those who want to endlessly tweak their logo will enjoy LogoMaker’s deep selection of design elements and assets, plus the ability to save and compare up to 6 versions at once, allowing them to be confident that their company is represented by the best logo imaginable.


  • Free, unrestricted use until final logo is chosen
  • Get help from an expert logo designer
  • Wide selection (10,000+) of design assets and fonts


  • Customer support is limited
  • Few customizable options
  • No complementing services such as social media tools
  • No subscription model

Is LogoMaker Worth the Price?

The price for taking advantage of all of LogoMaker’s tools and capabilities is free, so it’s hard to argue against the service’s value. Users can enjoy over 10,000 unique, professionally drawn graphical elements to use in their logo and they won’t encounter any cheesy clip-art or the same copied-and-pasted assets found everywhere else on the web. This is already far ahead of most basic logo design services.

LogoMaker’s key value proposition is that you can tweak your logo endlessly and have every platform tool at your disposal immediately. You’re only asked to pay once you’ve decided on a final logo, and it costs $49. This is higher than what some competitors charge, but the unique model also produces a higher degree of satisfaction. Your $49 buys you your logo in high quality vector format, as well as three sizes of GIF, JPG, and PNG files for easy integration into apps and websites.

Creating a Logo with LogoMaker

To begin creating a relevant, special logo with LogoMaker, you’ll need to enter some details about your business. The industry, company name, tagline (optional), and logo type are all required information for step one, and after entering them, the system will have you go through four relevant logo styles to pick at least three from. One for example might pick a logo style that emphasizes the first letter of their company, and also one that focuses on an icon or badge.

Basic fonts, colors, and layout choices are steps three and four of the logo generation process. Again, you’ll pick up to three from each, all of which tell the system the finished designs to generate. LogoMaker then displays a multiple-page selection of logos laid out in a grid formation for easy comparison. There’s a handy search tool that lets you narrow down exact ideas among the impressive number of logos created by LogoMaker, so if you have a trucking business you can find all the truck logos easily. Considering that LogoMaker has over 10,000 icons, 50 fonts, and countless layout options, the number of relevant logos one might see can number in the hundreds.

You can save up to 6 logos for additional tweaking of icon placement, color, and font. It’s nice to be able to save them directly on the site, and to continue fine-tuning them over time for free. You’ll only be asked to pay for downloading your final choice.

Additional Services

During the design process, LogoMaker will interrupt you with pop-ups about useful services that are adjacent to your business’s logo. These include services that help you buy a custom web domain or print business cards, incorporating the logo you’ve chosen into each. Once can reach these services at any time from the menu and therefore don’t need to worry about missing the opportunity to create a consistent branding strategy.

Customer Support

The depth of utility and ease of use built into LogoMaker reduces the number of issues that might occur, but for any that do, customers can get support via email. There’s a large FAQs section with many of the most common questions as well, but if a solution can’t be found there, then email responses take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. It’s a bit unfortunate that live chat or even phone support aren’t available, but it’s not a serious point of contention.

Returns and Revisions

Finding the perfect logo with LogoMaker is a thorough process, and one can save and tweak up to 6 different “final” versions limitlessly. This naturally encourages deliberation, but if one accidentally buys a logo that they aren’t happy with, LogoMaker has a generous “love your logo” policy that allows money-back returns within 30 days of purchase.


LogoMaker is a convenient, speedy logo design service that boosts customer satisfaction thanks to unlimited access to a full range of tools. Payment is only accepted when you’re sure you’ve selected the best possible logo and received your files (including full EPS vector), but a 30-day money-back policy further cements confidence in LogoMaker.

Interested in working with LogoMaker?

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