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Tailor Brands Review

In a Nutshell

Tailor Brands’ powerful AI-based logo design platform creates unique and beautiful logos in seconds. With their full suite of branding tools, you can create a new image and start your brand off on the right foot.


  • See results for your design in as little as 30 seconds
  • Choose from a variety of competitive subscription packages
  • Create your brand from scratch with Tailor Brands’ full design toolkit
  • A rapidly growing and reliable platform
  • Large variety of complementing services such as brand book, presentations and business deck
  • Tailor Social: A smart social media planner to help you manage your online presence


  • Would like to see phone support added
  • A short explainer could help ease new users onto the platform

Is Tailor Brands Worth the Price?

One of the most convenient aspects of Tailor Brands’ service is the flexibility their subscription tiers offer, along with a great variety of tools and features. The company provides three different plans— Basic, Standard and Premium—which provide a variety of additional features. All three offer a high-resolution version of your logo, as well as a transparent PNG file so you can add it to marketing materials, packaging, and more. Every logo also includes a commercial use license, so you can rest easy knowing your logo is above board.

The Basic Logo plan, which starts at $3.99 per month when billed annually, also gives you access to online brand guideline and seasonal logo generator.  If you need more control over your branding and design, the Standard subscription, starting at $9.99, has you covered. In addition to everything included in the basic plan you also get access to vector EPS files of your logo, library of designs, business cards, business deck and unlimited storage.

The premium plan, starting at $15.99, will provide you with al of the above and much more. You will gain access to Tailor Social and get social analytics that measure your brand’s impact, social strategy tools, weekly facebook posts, access to Weebly’s Website Builder, and unlimited backup.


Creating a Logo with Tailor Brands

To get started with your logo design on Tailor Brands, you simply have to enter your company name, as well as a tagline if you have one. After describing your industry and providing a bit of information about your business, the company’s advanced AI will ask for your preferences in terms of logo styles, fonts, and more to create your own unique logo.

One of the best parts of the design platform is that it doesn’t use pre-made logos or templates, which guarantees that your logo is fully unique and exclusive to you. Tailor Brands’ AI-based logo design service generates an icon based on your preferences, design choices, and your industry.

Once your logo is finalized, you have the opportunity to edit and fine tune your design to meet your specific requirements. You can change individual colors, choose a completely different color palette, change your font, as well as modify the icon you’ve designed.

Even after you’ve made your purchase, you can still make some minor changes to your design with both the Dynamic Logo and Premium plans. Overall, the company offers an excellent design experience that you can complete in minutes, with results that look like they took much more money and time.

Additional Services

This is an area where Tailor Brands truly excels as they offer a complete branding suite for individuals and small businesses. With your logo complete, you can create a variety of online and offline materials that will help your branding, marketing, and business strategies align. Tailor Brands’ social media tools include its social analytics page, a designer for social media posts, as well as one for Facebook ads, and even a social media calendar that is generated automatically.

You can also deploy your logo to create a variety of business materials that include letterheads, presentations, business cards, and even a full business deck that includes invoices and brand business proposals. Tailor Brands also provides you with an online brand book that helps you keep your branding standardized as well as optimized for best performance. You can even take your strategies seasonal with the company’s seasonal logo designer, which helps you keep your social media and marketing efforts fresh and relevant.

Customer Support

If you have any questions about the company’s services, or a problem with your logo or subscription, Tailor Brands offers a few ways to resolve your issues. You can check the company’s knowledge base, which includes answers to most of the common issues that can occur, as well as questions regarding revisions to your designs, your purchase options, and more.

If your problem is not covered in the knowledge base, you can reach the company via a ticket request on their website. We found that Tailor Brands answers quickly to any issues and will offer excellent and relevant information.

Returns and Revisions

Tailor Brands does not offer refunds for its digital assets though it is for a very transparent reason. The company cannot be certain, once users are in possession of their files, that they haven’t been used or modified.

The company is willing to listen to customers, however, and encourages users to contact them if they truly believe they’re entitled to a refund under Tailor Brands’ terms of service. If you believe your subscription fee has been charged with error, you can also contact the company within seven days to request a refund.

You can still make some minor edits to your logo after you’ve purchased it, though you cannot change your company name and other major aspects of your design.


Tailor Brands offers you the best of both worlds. On one hand, the company’s logo designer is easy to use and produces outstanding and unique results every time. Their editor also gives you freedom to make a logo truly your own. On the other, the company’s branding suite and social media tools help you kick-start your efforts and reach your consumers faster and more effectively. With an excellent pricing structure and terrific added value, Tailor Brands is a top choice when you need to reinforce your brand with a strong logo.

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