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The Keys to Designing the Ultimate Logo


Designing the perfect logo for your company requires more than a good idea. Iconic designs may look like they were thought up in seconds, but instead realistically encountered several key decisions that contributed to the final product. Logos like the classic Nike Swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches are powerful and memorable because they have paid close attention to the most important rules of logo design and focus on the significant aspects of their brand marks.

The best logos can combine different components—fonts, colors, icons, and styles—to create an image that is simple, timeless, and will easily stick in consumers’ minds. When you start thinking about your brand’s new image, it’s vital to consider these aspects, and how different design companies can help you perfect each component. Let’s see how each component can impact your design, and which companies offer you the best tools for each.

The Components of the Ultimate Logo

Although every logo is unique to the company it represents, they are all based on the same concepts. The three biggest components of any logo are the color palette, the font used, and the symbol that represents a company. Each of them plays an important role in the final product you receive:

  • Colors are an important way for your logo to express your brand’s identity by connecting with specific emotions. For example, yellow is a bright and happy color that is excellent to communicate happiness, new beginnings, and excitement. Green, on the other hand, is great for a company that focuses on more serene, calm, and introspective services or products.
  • Symbols give your company the most visible expression of its brand. A symbol is important because it is an emblem that you can include in packaging, marketing, and business materials. The idea is to easily and quickly connects consumers’ minds with your product. A strong symbol is a key building block for your brand.
  • Fonts are relevant because they give you another visual tool to communicate your brand’s personality. A cursive font is great for showing off your jewelry or luxury products and communicating your elegance, while thin, angular fonts are ideal if you’re a tech company seeking to highlight the cutting-edge nature of your product or service.


The Types of Services You Can Use

With these three base components in mind, you can start thinking of how you want to design your logo. While you can try your hand at designing one, it is always recommended to leave such delicate and important work to logo design companies that can give you the right blend of affordability and high-quality results. However, there are different types of services available, and each provides different tools for design.

  • Full Design Companies: Some companies provide a full design suite, creating unique logos for clients based on their requirements and specifications. The biggest selling point for these logo design companies is the experience and service they provide, which can vary from a small team of dedicated experts to a large stable of professional designers available on demand.
    However, these services take some of the agency out of your hands and give you less input throughout the creative process. Although logos are built to your specifications, you may not have a say in the design, so the end result may differ from what you initially had in mind. Additionally, they may be more expensive and take longer to deliver results.
  • Online Logo Design Services: If you’re looking for a quick fix and need a logo designed urgently, an online logo generator is a good option. These websites will take some information and return a full logo based on basic preferences. However, these generators don’t always give you the best or most unique results. Nonetheless, they are ideal if you are just starting out or need an urgent design. Tools like FreeLogoServices or LogoMaker are near the top of this category, and they can deliver fully realized logos in a matter of minutes. For tools that offer better customizability, services like Wix or Tailor Brands provide outstanding features that let you edit and fine tune your designs in addition to providing more unique designs.

The Three Key Factors – Speed, Customizability, Features

Many logo design companies offer online services, but not all provide the same tools. Moreover, depending on your needs, you may also choose different tools. However, the best tools provide these three aspects readily:

  • Speed: Companies like FreeLogoServices and LogoMaker focus on speed, giving you a quick design you can plug and play in minutes. When you’re using an online design service, the goal is to get moving on your branding fast. While speed is not a necessary component, a fast logo design can help you kick your marketing efforts off sooner and get you important visibility.
  • Customizability: Many logo design services can create images that are almost perfect, but still need a final personal touch. Granting the ability to customize designs is important, as you need to feel like your design truly represents your brand. Tailor Brands shines in this department, as do other tools like LogoJoy and Wix.
  • Features: Logo design is the central aspect of these services, but a logo is only the foundation for branding. By adding extra features such as social media posts, different types of logos, business materials, and more, you can be much closer to a fully realized branding strategy and increase your company’s visibility instantly. Here, Tailor Brands once again stands out, though many others include useful tools for branding.

Get Started the Right Way

Focusing on finding the right tools and the best components will help you produce a logo that is sure to make you proud. By finding the best service to fit your needs and match your vision, you can ensure that your branding will begin on the right foot. We recommend Tailor Brands as our top choice thanks to its combination of speed, branding tools, and customizability, but the other services mentioned are also worth exploring depending on your needs. Be sure to do your research and read our reviews to uncover the best logo design company for your needs.



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